Qatar Science and Technology Park has been driving the development of high-tech products and services, supporting the commercialization of market-ready technologies, and contributing to the economic diversification of Qatar.

QSTP Free Zone

Qatar Science and Technology Park Free Zone

Qatar Science and Technology Park was established in 2009 in Qatar Foundation Education City. QSTP aims to assist a home to technology-based firms. The free zone offers a lot of incentives and activities that meet the expectations of foreign investors’ business entities. Some Big Technology organizations’ branches, like Microsoft, Shell, and GE, already have offices in QSTP Free Zone. Qatar Science and Technology Park complete concentrates on technology and science activities.

Find below a list of some Famous activities

  • Research and Development
  • Technology Developments
  • Education and Training institution
  • New company development
  • SMEs, research institutions
Qatar Science and Technology Park free zone

QSTP has access to a cluster of universities and research centers in Qatar. Members of QSTP Free Zone Qatar, including international corporations, SMEs, and research institutions, are collectively committed to investing in new Tech & technology development programs, creating intellectual property and, enhancing technology management skills, and developing innovative new products.

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