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Qatarbiz is a Consultancy Firm established in Doha, Qatar. It provides a comprehensive Company Formation Solution and sets up a new business or large business organization ventures for company registration in QatarNew Company Registration is the process of getting legalization to conduct a business. Option New License must fulfill all requirements and follow the Qatar Government rules and regulations. Qatar has a different company formation process for Local and Foreign investors. Without Knowledge of rules and regulations, Business Setup is complicated in Doha, Qatar. Hire us. We are Professional and capable of Qatar Immigration, Visa, Company Formation Rules, and Regulation. Foreigners investing in any Arab country must complete and follow the Arab Country’s rules and regulations. Without a company registration, your company can not have legal status for running a business.

Get details about Introduction to how to form a company in Qatar

LLC Company must have a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders or members. The firm’s Capital needs to divide among each member. Each member can be increased their share as per their investment, and the minimum required Capital for an LLC company Formation must be QAR 200,000 (55,000 USD). Capital is divided into equal QAR 10 or more shares per member’s requirements.

The signed Memorandum and Articles of Association must be submitted in Arabic, on Business Setup in Qatar, to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. Foreign investors are permitted a 49% stake in the business if there are one or more Qatari partners (Local Sponsors). However, foreigners may own up to 100% of a Qatari company in specific sectors, including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, health, education, and the Qatar Free Zone.

A Qatar LLC is liable to pay a corporate income tax of 10 % on profits sourced in Qatar and requires a minimum of 2 shareholders / 1 Director. Qatar LLC is required to submit an annual tax return. Suppose annual gains exceed QAR 100,000 (USD 27,500). In that case, the declaration should be accompanied by audited financial statements prepared by an auditor firm and must be registered in Qatar.

As a Trusted organization in Qatar, we are happy to provide end-to-end services on company formation in Doha.

  • Fulfill Visa and Immigration Processes
  • Establishment Documents Preparation
  • Office Arrangement and Lease Agreement
  • Complete the Company Formation Process
  • Here you go, everything ready for your company, and start working in Qatar
company setup in qatar

How To Register A Wll Local Limited Company Setup in Qatar

A limited Liability Company requires a local Qatari sponsor or Silent partner. Both Partners have their share limit. Percentages describe below.

  • Qatari National Sponsor 51%
  • Foreign Shareholders, 49%

After completing all documents and all legal procedures for the setup of LLC Company Formation in Qatar, the Local partner works as a silent local sponsor and needs to sign an agreement in court. Local Qatari partner has no involvement in the company and is not responsible for the profit and loss of the Qatar Companies and banks. We assist in fulfilling all the legal requirements for establishing a business in Doha.

Are you looking to register a Wll local limited company in Qatar? This article will provide a detailed guide on how to do so. The first step is to choose a business activity. Once you have selected your business activity, you must gather the required documents. These documents include a notarized copy of your trade license, a memorandum and articles of association, and a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

After you have gathered all the required documents, you must submit them to the Qatar Regulatory Authority. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a license and a registration number. You can start working now that you have your required permission and registration number.

Type of LLC Company License

LLC Business Setup in Qatar
  • Professional License
  • Commercial License
  • Industrial License
  • Branch Office License
  • Representative Office License

Types of Company Formation in Qatar

Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Qatar
  • Limited Share Partnership Company in Qatar
  • Holding Company in Qatar
  • Public Shareholding Company in Qatar
  • Joint Venture in Qatar

Types of Mainland Companies in Qatar

Starting a new business in Qatar has many options per their incorporation entity. First, we must decide how many partners and declare funds of capital, activity, and business category for all types of business, even Small or Big and multi-national organizations. We are professional and experienced and work as Company formation agents in Qatar. We can assist you with detailed information about any business entity.

Sole Ownership

In Qatar, local and foreign investors can have activities independently by the simplest business structure. Sole Proprietorship business owner has all their liabilities and debts by themselves.

The General Partnerships in Qatar

Business setting up in Qatar must require two partners: a Foreign Investor and 2nd a Qatari national called a Local Sponsor. The partnership deed prepares and discloses all duties and liabilities of both partners regarding Debts and obligations.

Limited Share Partnership

The limited share partnership is incorporated by two types of partners for the Company setting up a business in Qatar. Between two partners, one is an active partner, and 2nd is a non-active partner.

Limited Liability Company in Qatar (Corporations Entity)

The best activity is Limited Liability Company is the business type in Qatar. At least two partners incorporate an LLC company and can have up to fifty shareholders. A minimum of five shareholders is needed to form the public one. It has different minimum share capital requirements for open or closed particularities.

Company registration in Qatar can differ according to the chosen type of Company. One of our agents can give you specific information on the registration and taxation principles requirements for every kind of Company.

The Branch and Representative Office in Doha, Qatar

If investors have foreign legal entities, an open branch license in Qatar is the best option. Ministerial approval is needed for this type of Company to conduct its specific activities in Qatar. Investors can also open a sole proprietorship, the simplest business form where the founder is fully liable for the business’s debts. Foreign investors should know that full foreign company ownership is not permitted in Qatar. One or more Qatari partners must co-own the industry, and the foreign investor may only hold 49% of the business.

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The complete process for new company formation in Qatar

Name Registration:

For Company name registration, you need to submit two or three names to the government register office with registration Fees in Qatar.

Company Secretary

Company Secretary or authorized person will prepare the required documents to be forwarded to the Qatar government office.

Registration Fees

  • Before submitting company formation required papers, be assured about the correct registration fees.
  • The Qatar, Doha register office will verify all the supporting papers before approving a new Business or Company.
  • Foreign Company registration needs some extra permission required by the Registrar’s office. It provides additional papers work for the satisfaction of the Qatar Government.

Company Formation Departments in Qatar

  • Tax Card
  • MOL Approval
  • Civil Defence Approval
  • Signage License
  • Activity License
  • Commercial License (CL)
  • Commercial Registration (CR)
  • Establishment Card/ Computer Card (EC)
  • Qatar Financial Centre Registration (QFC)
  • Qatar Chamber Of Commerce & Industry Registration

How will we help in LLC company registration in Qatar Mainland?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question and Answer about How to apply Company Formation in Doha, Qatar

Q: What is Doha, Qatar’s most common type of company formation procedure?

Ans: In a Limited Liability Company Qatari partner, the LLC controls 51% of the shares. You own 49% shares, one of Doha’s most popular types of partnerships.

Q: How long does it take to complete the formation of a company in Qatar?

Ans: It depends on its activities and licenses

Q: How much is corporation tax in Qatar?

Ans: The corporate rate tax is 10% in Qatar Doha.

Q: What are the advantages of a Free Zone Entity in Qatar?

Ans: There is the possibility of 100% foreign ownership and no corporate or personal income tax being withheld.

Q: What is a representative office permitted to do in Qatar?

Ans: A representative trade office can be registered in the Commercial Registry and employ staff in its name and can be used to introduce a company’s products and services.

Q: What is the purpose of an SSP?

Ans: The Services Support Provider role allows us to represent you in setting up your business, and a part of our being your SEF is obligatory under Qatari law.

Q: How long period is the Establishment Card Valid?

Ans: It is valid until the termination of the Business Trade License but needs to be renewed every year

Which Ministries and Governmental Departments are covered by your Corporate Services in Qatar?


  • Ministry of Education and Higher Education,
  • Ministry of Municipality and Environment,
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports,
  • The Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics,
  • Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs,
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA),
  • Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs,
  • Ministry of Finance,
  • Ministry of Interior,
  • Ministry of Justice,
  • Ministry of Public Health,
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications,
  • Ministry of Economy and Commerce,
  • Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Energy & Industry,
  • Qatar News Agency, Qatar Museums Authority,
  • Administrative Control and Transparency Authority,
  • Civil Aviation Authority,
  • Communications Regulatory Authority,
  • General Authority of Customs,
  • General Tax Authority,
  • Qatar Free Zones Authority,
  • Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners,
  • .Customs & Port General Authority,
  • Qatar Development Bank, Qatar Central Bank,
  • Qatar Financial Centre,
  • Qatar Tourism Authority,
  • Planning and Statistics Authority,
  • Public Prosecution,
  • Qatar Chamber,
  • State Audit Bureau
  • Joint Venture in Qatar

We are one of the Expert Consultants to get Trade licenses for the following industries.

  • Industrial License in Qatar
  • Trading Companies in Qatar
  • Shipping Agency License in Qatar
  • Auditing Company License in Qatar
  • School and Institute License in Qatar
  • Tourism Company License in Qatar
  • Travel and Tourism Agency License in Qatar
  • Engineering Consultancy License in Qatar
  • Import Code in Qatar
  • Trademark registration in Qatar
  • Restaurant License in Qatar
  • Product registration in Qatar
  • Clinic License in Qatar
  • Classification certificate in Qatar
  • Contracting Companies License in Qatar
  • Clearing and forwarding License in Qatar

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