Family Visa in Qatar Document Requirements

Qatar Family Residence visa’s purpose is to bring foreign workers’ families to Qatar for an extended stay. Like other Arab Countries, Qatar also has its requirements for issuing family Qatar residence visas. Eligibility requirements must need to fulfilled by sponsors and workers like Professions, Salary, and Rent Tenancy for accommodation. Every sponsor must submit documents, including Marriage certificates, Birth Certificates, Tenancy contracts, and Salary certificates from the operating company.


Family Residence Visa for Qatar Requirements 2022 Find below Details

  • The sponsor must have Qatar Residence Permit.
  • Sponsor profession must be as per Qatar requirements for obtaining Visa
  • Sponsor Salary must be as per requirements
  • The sponsor must need to provide a Tenancy Contract.


The first requirement is that the sponsor Must have a Work/ Residence Permit.

Valid Residence Permit holders can apply for a family visa in Qatar. Before applying for a Family, a visa should be ready with Qatar ID/ Residence Card.

2nd Requirements is the Profession

The Profession must be mentioned on Qatar ID, allowing for a family visa like technical or specialized (Non-Lahour). Some professions, like the labour category, may not be allowed to apply for a family visa, Driver delivery boys, duster, cleaners, etc.

3rd Requirements is Salary

The sponsor’s salary must be met on criteria or Qatar Family visa, and the salary should be 10000 QR. or a Minimum wage of 7000 QR + free family accommodation provided by the company.

4th requirement is a Housing / Tenancy Contract

on 10000 QR salary holders or above can get a tenancy contract attested by the municipality department. If the company provides accommodation. Then need to mention on the Salary certificate accommodation provided by Employer.
Then the visa sponsor can meet the housing requirements.

Qatar family Visa Process

Qatar Family Visa or Residence Permit process find below or hire us we assist with all operations on behalf of our clients.

Step 1. Prepare documents and need to apply for Entry Visa
Step 2. once an entry visa is issued, then family members can enter Qatar
Step 3. Undergo the Medical Test
Step 4. Undergo for Fingerprints Process
Step 5. Need to apply for a family residence permit Card