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As a Business Consultant in Qatar, we are familiar with the process and rules & regulations, procedures, Business operation, Immigration rules for Employers, and Employees. As a professional PRO Services provider, we assist all PRO works companies require, we deliver all services on time. PRO Services can be generalized into three main categories.

  • Corporate
  • Individual
  • Family Services

Corporate Business Solutions

To successfully establish and operate a company in Qatar is it important that you have the correct company licenses and approvals. We provide a wide range of corporate PRO services in Qatar that ensure you start your business on the right track.

Individual PRO Solutions

When it comes to individual or general employment services, requirements, and documentation. The support team is fully capable of taking charge of the entire process, beginning by advising you on the documentation and make sure you assemble all the paperwork.

Family PRO Services

Qatar has many Expats who are living and working inside. And they want to bring their Families on Visit or permanently stay with them. I t is very important that each family member must obtain the correct visa from Qatar Immigration.

Corporate Business Solutions

PRO Services In Doha Qatar

Commercial Registration Services in Qatar
  • We Assist in Issuing an Official Copy of your companies Commercial Registration
  • We Assist in issuing a new company Commercial Registration as part of a full company establishment process
  • We Assist in the renewal of your company’s Commercial Registration
Civil Defense & Trade License
  • We are assisting in issuing a Civil Defense Approval
  • We also assist in the Renewal of your Companys Civil Defense Approval
  • We assist in the renewal of your company trade license
establishment card in Qatar
  • We assist in applying for a new Labour Quota application
  • We assist in amending your company’s Labour Quota
  • We arranging a meeting with the complaints department at the MADSLA
  • We assist in renewing your company’s Establishment ID/Computer Card
  • We assist in updating the Company Registration Details at MADSLA
  • We assist in unblocking your company at MADSLA
  • We assist in your company’s Office Inspection at MADSLA
Customs services in Qatar
  • Assist in your company’s registration at Qatar Customs
  • Assist in updating your company’s details at Qatar Customs
  • Assist in delegation a clearance agent for Single Window

Individual & General Employment Services

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Individual & General Employment Services

Transfer Of Sponsorship

Transfer Of Sponsorship

  • Issuing a Secondment – Full Service 
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Transfer of Sponsorship in Qatar
  • Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate from Qatar CEID
  • Stamping of the Secondment at Immigration Department
  • Drafting the Form & Letter & Stamping of the transfer of sponsorship at Immigration Department
Health Card

Health Card

  • Assist you in issuing a new Health Card 
  • Assist you in the renewal of your Health Card 
  • Assist you in the replacement of your Health Card
Work Visa – Residency Permit & Qid

Work Visa – Residency Permit & Qid

  • Cancellation of your Work Visa 
  • Obtaining an Extension of visa on arrival
  • Amendment of your Work Visa 
  • Renewal of your Resident permit & QID 
  • Cancellation of your Resident permit & QID
  • Updating your new passport details – Resident permit & QID 
Driving Licenses & Vehicle Registration

Driving Licenses & Vehicle Registration

  • Assist you in issuing a Traffic Department NOC Notification for your Driving License Issuance
  • Assist you in the Renewal of your Driver’s License Under Employees Personal Metrash

Individual & General Employment Services

Full Work Visa – Residency Permit & id (Includes Multiple Services)

  • Issuing a new Work Visa
  • Transfer of your work visa (Where Individual is Inside Qatar and Permitted to transfer)
  • Obtaining the Medical Check-Up for the RP
  • Obtaining the Fingerprints Registration for the RP
  • Obtaining the Photos for the RP
  • Preparing Employment Contract
  • Obtaining Attestation of Employment Contract at MADSLA
  • issuing the Resident Permit & QID
  • Advanced Medical Check-Up – Medical Health Certificate

Work Permit/Labour Card For Females

  • Assist in issuing a Work permit/Labour Card (for a spouse)
  • Assist in the cancellation of a Work Permit/Labour Card

Exit Permit/Leave Notification

  • Assist in applying for a Leave Notification
  • Assist in canceling a Leave Notification

Mofa Attestation

  • Assist in document attestations at MOFA
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Family PRO Services in Qatar Doha

We take care of your visa needs to ensure you, your employees and your family have the visas they require to live and work in Qatar. If you are looking to sponsor employees from overseas (any Country), we can provide a range of company sponsorship services working as your go to partner for advice & guidance and support on all matters relating to company sponsorship solutions. Simply pass us the reigns to remove the responsibility from your shoulders and enjoy complete peace of mind that everything has been done according to Qatari policy. Looking to relocate your employee’s family as well?

Let us handle your family visa.

  • Assist in document attestation at MOFA
  • Assist in issuing your Family Visit Visa 
  • Assist in applying for your Family Visit Visa
  • Assist in extending your Family Visit Visa
  • Assist in completing the medical check-up process required for the Family Visit Visa 
  • Assist in obtaining Full Family Visit Visa (Excluding MOFA Document Attestation) 
  • We assist in issuing a visa for Maids
  • We assist in issuing a residence permit for Maids
  • We Assist in document attestation from MOFA
  • We Assist in issuing your Family Residency Visa
  • We Assist in applying for your Family Residency Visa
  • We Assist in Visa to Visa Transfer (where permitted)
  • We Assist in issuing your family’s Family Residency Permit & QID
  • We Assist in updating your family’s new passport details
  • We Assist in cancelling your Family Residency Permit & QID
  • We Assist in the renewal of your Family Residency Permit & QID
  • We Assist in issuing a new born (in Qatar) Family Residency Permit & QID
  • We Assist in the fingerprint’s registration of your family for the Residency Permit
  • We Assist in extending the residency period of your Family Residency Permit & QID
  • We Assist in the collection of your family’s Blood Group Certificate required for the RP
  • We Assist in completing the medical check-up process required for the Residency Permit
  • We Assist in completing the medical check up for your family required for the RP – VIP Service
  • We Assist in completing the medical check up for your family 1st and 2nd time required for the RP
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Advantages of Outsourcing PRO Services

  • Hire us as a Professional Pro Service Provide in Qatar, and allow yourself to focus on your business in order to enhance your Revenue, Profitability, and Productivity.
  • Hassle-free transactions efficiently with Expert PRO Company in Qatar Doha.
  • We take care of your staff visa status and your company status.
  • We remind our clients for renewals through our expert staff to avoid any delays or fines.
  • Eliminate management inductive costs and overheads to run such operations.
  • Save unnecessary payroll in terms of salaries, Benefits gratuity, annual leave, airline tickets, medical allowances, car maintenance, fuel, mobile bills, parking, for extra staff for PRO works for your company.

Mehar Business Solution Employees expert and professionals for Public Relations Services (PRO). We provide PRO Services in Qatar to companies in a wide range of industries across Doha and other part of Qatar.

  • We have worked with all Government departments
  • Expert in Documents Prepare or arrangements and Processing then as their requirements
  • We understand all the formalities and requirements of all the government departments in Qatar.
  • We offer also a collection and delivery service for all documents required to form your office and the Qatar government departments.
  • We always assist you to be updated with your documents processing status and also reminding you of your company’s annual renewals.
  • Hiring our public relations service is as good as having a dedicated in house staff. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all the documents submitted piracy paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Far in Advance Can I Renew my Residence Permit?


  • It is possible to renew a QID/ Visa Residency Permit up to 6 months in advance of its expiry date.
  • In Qatar most cases companies shall wait until the date is very near to expiry for renewal.

Question: What happens if I have been out of the country longer than 180 days?

Answer: Your Qatar ID will be automatically de-activated from the system, thus you would be no longer allowed to enter the State of Qatar on your QID. If this happens, there is an option to apply for a “return permit” to Qatar. If approved, a return permit would allow you to enter Qatar with the returned permit and re-activate your QID.

Question: Can I invest the money as a shareholder in another company while still working at my jobs?

Answer: Yes, you are permitted to be a shareholder and listed as an authorized signatory of a company in Qatar whilst holding a Qatar ID under another company. However, please note, that we would recommend that you check the terms outlined in your employment contract as to whether your employer permits