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Tax Filing and Accounting Services in Qatar

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce authorities requires all companies to draw up annual financial statements per International Accounting Standards and submit Tax Returns. Our professional staff is experienced in dealing with multiple software systems such as SAP, Oracle, Quick book, Peach Tree, and Dynamics GP/AX. We can assist Accounting Services in Qatar with reporting requirements in line with your business needs.

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Qatar offers very economically low tax rates for established companies. Qatar is 10% annually, and a withholding tax of 5% is also levied on certain payments made to non-residents concerning royalties and technical services. Some other tax rate is 7%. Also applicable on Interest, Commissions, Brokerage Fees, Directors Fees, Attendance Fees, and any payments accrued for services carried out wholly or partly in Qatar. We have the leading in-house experts in accounting, and we can handle your monthly withholding tax filings and accounting needs in Doha, Qatar. Also, find information about Company Formation in Qatar

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Monthly bookkeeping in the local applicable GAAP and IFRS, with the local adjustments when necessary

Tax Filing

  • Preparation of monthly financial reporting
  • Record all payments and funds received
  • Record all accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Record all assets purchased and related depreciation
  • Record prepayment and accruals

Financial reports

  • Balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Trial balance
  • Petty cash report
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • General ledger listing
  • Balance sheet and selected expenses schedules
  • Client’s monthly reporting package, if required

Accounts Payable Service

  • Invoice review and preparation for payment documentation
  • Setting up payment in the TMF Group banking system
  • Payment approval by management and senior staff
  • Payment documents administration and reconciliation with the accounts payable list
  • Client and supplier correspondence
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Qatar Income Tax

It is to be noted that the Qatar government does not levy any specific tax on the staff salaries and wages of individuals. It also allows an exemption for equity shares and profits from bank deposits. The Qatar income tax system is based on a territorial basis, meaning that only income derived from within the territory of Qatar is subject to tax. Worldwide income tax systems of many other countries tax residents on their worldwide income, regardless of where it is derived.

The income tax rate in Qatar is a flat 10 %, regardless of the amount earned. Relatively low compared to other countries income tax rates. For example, the highest income tax rate in the United Kingdom is 45 percent. In Qatar, several deductions and exemptions can be made from an individual’s income tax liability, Accounting Services in Qatar. More Details. Auditing Firm in Qatar 

Selective Tax

The Qatari government has planned to levy a special tax on harmful or health-destroying goods. It includes a 100% tax on tobacco products and 50% on all sugary drinks. More details 

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PRO Services in Qatar Doha

We offer the best Business Setup in Qatar services, Documentation and PRO Assistance, New visa, and other immigration Services. Our Professional Accountant Team assists with your company audit and accounts preparation, resolves issues, outsources us and gives your proper time for your business improvement. Also, we assist with the Free zone business registration Process and accounting solutions.